20140224, Jennifer Robinson, College of Liberal Arts, Psychology,Jenny Robinson, Ph.D.:  Dr. Robinson received her B.A. in Psychology and Biochemistry, as well as her M.A. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Case Western Reserve University, under the guidance of Heath Demaree, Ph.D. She completed a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship in psychiatric neuroimaging at the Research Imaging Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio under the mentorship of David Glahn, Ph.D.  (now at Yale University). Following her postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Robinson joined Scott & White Healthcare and Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine where she established and directed the functional neuroimaging program, bridging research efforts among 5 academic departments, and managing the neuroimaging component of over 15 studies.  Dr. Robinson enthusiastically joined Auburn University in 2012 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology to focus her research efforts on the interplay of emotions and cognition, and how stress may contribute to these mechanisms using ultra high field functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

Postdoctoral Fellows:


Jessica Busler:  Jess completed her Ph.D. in the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences program.  Jess enjoys investigating the protective effects of positive emotions both cognitively and physiologically.  Originally from Knoxville, TN, she is naturally an SEC football fan (hence the Heisman picture), and received a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Global Studies from Middle Tennessee State University.


Graduate Students:


Lauren Ashley Jessica Kirby:  Lauren is a fourth-year student and GTA in the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences Ph.D. program, an alumnus of the University of North Alabama, and hails from Pisgah in the Sand Mountain area of Northeast Alabama. Her interests include emotion elicitation and functional neuroimaging. As an additional psychological curiosity, she has a few different types of synesthesia!


jayJay Murphy: Jay is a third-year graduate student. He is an Active Duty Army Officer attending Auburn University through a personal development academic program. He has a Master’s degree from Liberty University in Professional Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree from Weber State University in Forensic Science. His research interests are PTSD, TBI, and functional neuroimaging approaches.

Julio Yanes: yanesJulio is a second-year graduate student. He received his B.A. in Psychology from Florida International University (Miami, FL), having worked with research labs in the Departments of Physics, Psychology, and Biological Sciences. Julio’s interested in using functional neuroimaging to explore cognition-emotion interactions, and the contexts that mediate those interactions (e.g. social variables throughout the lifespan, stress, nutrition, etc.).

Ryan Bird: Coming soon!

Undergraduate Students:

Ashlyn Masters
Zach McKinnell

Lab Alumni:

  • Tres Bodet – Fulbright Scholar, delayed admission to University of Houston
  • Katie Bottenhorn – Cognitive Neuroscience (Florida International University)
  • Jordan Brown – PREP Program at University of Alabama – Birmingham
  • Nikki Christ – Clinical Psychology (University of Toledo)
  • Robert Cooper – Industry
  • Rachel Haley – Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Anna Kirkland – Nutritional Neuroscience (American University)
  • Sally Kirklewski – Counseling Psychology (University of Georgia)
  • Cade Loftin – South Alabama School of Medicine
  • Megan Thomas – Clinical Psychology (Morehead State University)
  • Tyler Toledo – Clinical Psychology (University of Tulsa)
  • William (Patrick) Wilson – Emergency Medical Technician
  • Farra Winters