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Sample Psychophysiological Data from 7T

  • ECG, Respiration, Impedance Cardiography (7T Physio)
    • Scanning parameters vary. Here are the basics you may need for filtering:
      • Multiband Axial = 45 slices, TR=3000
      • Multiband Coronal = 45 slices, TR=3000
      • EPI Axial = 37 slices, TR=3000
      • EPI Coronal = 37 slices, TR=3000
    • TSD221MRI was used to collect respiration for these scans.
  • ECG, Impedance Cardiography, Respiration (Affect Physio)
  • EDA, Force / ECG, EMG, Respiration (Motor Study)
    • Scanning parameters can be found here.
  • ECG, EDA, Respiration (Sleep Study)

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  • Society for Psychophysiological Research
  • Organization for Human Brain Mapping