The Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory at Auburn University was founded in 2012. The lab consists of a behavioral psychophysiology laboratory outfitted with a BIOPAC recording system and associated modules to enable the collection of electromyograph (EMG), electrocardiograph (ECG), impedance cardiography, skin conductance, and respiration measures.  All of our physiological equipment is MR-compatible, allowing for concomitant collection of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).  Auburn University is home to a Siemens 3T and 7T MRI scanner, housed in a beautiful facility approximately 1 mile from our behavioral lab at the AU MRI Research Center.  We work closely with BIOPAC, fostering efforts to enhance and expand collection of psychophysiological data in ultra-high field (>3T) environments (please check out our BIOPAC page to learn more).  Broadly speaking, our lab is devoted to understanding the dynamic interaction between emotion and cognition, and how the autonomic and central nervous systems interface during these interactions.