Current Research Projects
Ultra-high field high-resolution fMRI of the human limbic system. ¬†This project aims to examine the human limbic system in vivo using the AU MRI Research Center’s Siemen’s 7T MAGNETOM. ¬†Submillimeter functional and structural imaging will be combined to examine working memory and affective processing.
Effects of CBD on the brain. We are currently running a clinical trial to examine the effects of CBD on the brain. Participants will be asked to complete 2 neuroimaging sessions. To participate, you must be between 21 and 50 years of age, right-handed, and generally healthy. If you are interested in this study, please complete the pre-screening questionnaire.
Autonomic and central nervous system integration. Our lab is currently studying how the central and autonomic nervous systems interact during various cognitive and emotional contexts. This study involves simultaneous collection of psychophysiological measures and fMRI.
Coffee cherry virtual clinical trial. Our lab is conducting a virtual clinical trial to understand the effects of a dietary supplement on cognition. You can learn more about this study by visiting the study webpage.
Neurometabolic profile of pain processing in the anterior cingulate cortex using functional magnetic resonance spectroscopy (fMRS). This study uses a novel technique, fMRS, to capture the shifts in neurometabolites as a result of tactile pain.
Entropy and the brain. Our lab is also focused on brain entropy and using advanced modeling to better understand the brain’s dynamics. To this end, we are examining entropy measurements in the Human Connectome Data as well as in our own in-house data.
Meta-analytic connectivity modeling (MACM). A cornerstone technique in our lab, we often employ MACM to delineate interconnectivity among various regions in the brain.