The CAN Lab will be recruiting graduate students for the Fall 2024 semester. A guide for applying to the lab can be found here. Applications are due December 1st, with detailed instructions here.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

We are always eager to provide valuable research experience to motivated undergraduates.  To fill out the CAN Lab Research Assistant Application, please follow this link.  Please note that due to the hands-on training component of our labs (e.g., psychophysiological measurements and functional magnetic resonance imaging), we prioritize applications from underclassman (e.g., freshmen, sophomores, and juniors).  While exceptions have been and will continue to be made, we encourage students to apply early in their academic careers. Applications are due December 1st for the upcoming Spring semester, and August 1st for the upcoming Fall semester. Decisions will be made by December 15th and August 15th, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am only interested in fMRI.  Is this ok?
FMRI training is a very time-consuming endeavor, and because of the inherent safety concerns, we must have a better understanding of your skills and competencies before assigning you to a neuroimaging project.  As such, you may not be initially assigned to assist with an fMRI study directly, however, you will likely still have opportunities to work with the brain data generated from our projects.  Based on your individual interests and goals, Dr. Robinson will provide you with the opportunities she feels are best for your next step, and in-line with your interests.

What kind of time commitment should I expect? 
We do not consider applicants who cannot devote at least 6 hours/week to our lab. We also prefer students who would like to be devoted to the lab for at least 2 semesters.

What types of activities will I do as a research assistant?
In your first year as a research assistant, you will be expected to acquire appropriate training for the AU MRI Research Center, assist with data entry/organization, and help with data acquisition.  As you gain more experience, you may be asked to become more involved in research projects.

Can I get course credit for working in the lab?
After working at least 1 semester in our lab, Dr. Robinson will consider a Supervised Research Experience for credit.  No exceptions will be made to this rule.