In the interest of full-disclosure and to be as open-data/source as possible, we are including links to our data reported in published articles.

For our meta-analysis projects, we have included the Sleuth workspace files that we used to conduct the meta-analyses.  To access the full content of these files, please download the free, publicly available ‘Sleuth’ tool from the BrainMap database.  Select File–>Open Workspace and select the file you wish to examine.  This will download the meta-data for all of the studies used in the analysis, including the number of subjects, the contrasts from each paper that were included in the meta-analysis, and various methodological parameters.

Because of the size of the fMRI data we collect (7T, submillimeter resolution, with each subject >8GB of data), these files will be available by request (contact us!), until we have time to upload them to platforms that are built to handle such data (i.e., OpenfMRI).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems opening the files.

Affective Mapping: An Activation Likelihood Estimation (ALE) Meta-analysis (Kirby & Robinson, in press):  Manuscript   Data

Gender Differences in Working Memory (Hill, Laird, & Robinson, 2014):  Manuscript   Data

Neurofunctional topography of the human hippocampus (Robinson, et al., 2016): Manuscript   Data

Functional connectivity of the left and right hippocampi: Evidence for functional lateralization along the long-axis using meta-analytic approaches and ultra-high field functional neuroimaging (Robinson, et al., 2016): Manuscript   ROIs

Characterization of structural connectivity of the default mode network in dogs using diffusion tensor imaging (2016): Manuscript    Data – Dog DTI Atlas