Here are some resources that you may find helpful if you are navigating integration of psychophysiological measurements during MRI scanning. I have presented at the BIOPAC T4 training conference (click here for the slide deck) and also presented a webinar on psychophysiological measures in the MR environment.

IRB Language

Here we provide some sample language for the IRB if you intend to combine psychophysiological measurements in the magnet. To download the document with sample language, please click here.

Sample Psychophysiological Data from 7T

  • ECG, Respiration, Impedance Cardiography (7T Physio)
    • Scanning parameters vary. Here are the basics you may need for filtering:
      • Multiband Axial = 45 slices, TR=3000
      • Multiband Coronal = 45 slices, TR=3000
      • EPI Axial = 37 slices, TR=3000
      • EPI Coronal = 37 slices, TR=3000
    • TSD221MRI was used to collect respiration for these scans.
  • ECG, Impedance Cardiography, Respiration (Affect Physio)
  • EDA, Force / ECG, EMG, Respiration (Motor Study)
    • Scanning parameters can be found here.

Video Library

Poster Presentations

  • Society for Psychophysiological Research
  • Organization for Human Brain Mapping